Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh yeah

So I forgot, shoot me. Duh, you're probably all wondering about my sister. My little sister passed away due to a brain tumor a little over a year ago. You'll likely see pictures of her son, Carter, on here from time to time. He comes to stay with me every now and again. I say she fulfilled her life's duties because I'm convinced her purpose for being here was to straighten out her husband. He had a rough life before her and she turned him around, gave them a son, and in general taught him to be the man he is today.

Let me back up. When I first met her (now) husband, I hated him. He was a thief, a robber, and a liar. I hated him. He belonged in prison. When she got pregnant, I hated him more. I just knew he was going to leave her to raise that baby all by herself. Then about 1 year later, she was diagnosed with the brain tumor. I knew he'd leave then. There's no way he really loved her. Well, my sister was determined and she didn't care what I thought at all. Boy am I thankful now. They got married about 2 months after she was diagnosed and he stuck by her side for her struggle, which continued for most of a year after they married. I was just sure though, that he was going to leave after she died and we'd never see Carter again.

Now I see why my sister didn't listen to me. She was sent to save him from his previous "life". Her husband is a wonderful dad. Although he lives a good 2 hours away, he comes to visit regularly and Carter stays with us every month or so for a couple days.

The two of them (and my angel sister) are blessings, though I never knew it. God definitely had a plan.

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